A Focus on Education … 

My primary focus in the Legislature will be to return Utah’s public education system to its rightful place as “Best in the Nation”. For years, the Republican super-majority in the Legislature has systematically altered our tax system and constitution to remove funding for our public education system.  Below are the four primary reasons that our per-pupil funding places us last in the nation.

1.   A 1996 constitutional amendment made it possible for education funds to be siphoned off to non-education projects. Cost to public education = $250 to $761 million per year.

2. Tax breaks for big business shifted tax burdens to the low and middle classes, and reduced funds originally intended for education. Cost to public education = $60 to $90 million per year.

3. Property tax cuts intended to win votes over the past 12 years have eliminated funds that would have reduced class sizes, provided pre-school programs for low income children, and made our teacher salaries more competitive. Cost to public education = $613 million per year.

4. The abolishment of the multi-rate tax bracket system (another ploy to win votes) will cost public education between $220 and $240 million per year.

Read my “Save Our Schools” section for detailed information!

An Evening with James

Like lawn signs, small gatherings at someone’s home — what some folks call “cottage meetings” — have an enormous impact. They’re especially useful when other chances to meet the candidate face to face are unlikely.

Please help consider having James over to your home to meet with you and your neighbors. It’s easy to do, just send us an e-mail with your name, address, and phone number — or call us at 801-319-4613, with that same information.

Lawn Signs

Lawn signs are an easy way to let your neighbors know who you’re voting for, come November. They’re powerful reminders that not everyone votes the exact same, and that there are good people — wonderful people! — in both parties.

Please help us get the word out in the neighborhoods: order a lawn sign (or two!) for yourself … send us an e-mail with your name, address, and phone number — or call us at 801-319-4613, with that same information.

It’s Begun … 

I want to be your ally on the hill …
Chances are, you know me. I’ve been living in Orem with my family for twenty years. I’m pretty sure you and I are a lot alike. I’m a working guy, committed to serving in my neighborhood, in my church, and in the business community. I honor the constitution, the Bill of Rights, and expect every citizen to be honestly represented. I believe our legislators should be influenced by reason and balance in managing the legislative process. But lately, our representatives seem more influenced by donors, party bosses, and fringe special interests. If you’re like me, you’re wondering what we can do to turn things around.
Vote for me in November, and we can turn it around together!